E13 Winning Teams Portraits/Interviews

GReen-GRay Factor

Marl (DE) – Runner-up

Team Representative: Francesco Ceccarelli (IT) – architect; Associates: Davide Agostini (IT), Matteo Battistini (IT), Steve Camagni (IT), Alessio Valmori (IT) – architects; Sara Angelini (IT) – engineer- architect
Contributor: Giulia Dall’Agata (IT) – interior architect

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M. Battistini, D. Agostini, S. Camagni, F. Ceccarelli, S. Angelini, A. Valmori & G. Dall’Agata

"Our project is a process; and the process deals with a factor; we call it “the green-gray factor” – a series of phases, a set of steps to lead to any area self-organized metamorphosis.
cleaning_connecting_phasing_bonding are the key words sensing the spirit of entrepreneurship."


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