E13 Winning Teams Portraits/Interviews

Forest First

Landsberg (DE) – Runner-up

Team Representative: Marcin Maraszek (PL) – architect; Associate: Maciej Kaufman (PL) – architect
Contributors: Radosław Obczyński (PL) – lawyer; Agnieszka Szuran (PL) – architect

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M. Kaufman & M. Maraszek

"Forest First talks about the priority of nature over any kind of development. We anticipated that even if the development failed, the natural environment would be enriched by the site’s reforestation and the river bed’s naturalization. Site-specific zoning allows the project to adapt to different economy and conditions. The factory housing is clustered in neighbourhoods of few houses around central spaces, the development of which is negotiated and shared by its closest neighbours. Our proposal is rather a strategy than a complete project."


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