E13 Winning Teams Portraits/Interviews

La ville intermédiaire

Genève (CH) – Winner

Team Representative: Yony Santos (CH) – architect; Associate: Mounir Ayoub (CH) – architect
Contributors: Nuria Fernandez (ES), Vanessa Lacaille (FR) – architects

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M. Ayoub, N. Fernández, V. Lacaille, Y. Santos © E. Murcia Artengo

"Fundamentally we start from the hypothesis that every inhabitant has a right to the landscape and to urbanity. To begin with, we observe and analyse a given territory in detail. Then we elaborate and submit a participative work process implying both the inhabitants of the territory and the different public and private stakeholders, the objective being the elaboration of a charter defining the shared rights underlying the mutation of this territory. Finally, this charter will guarantee the fundamental rights to the landscape and to urbanity. What we propose is a new model of circular governance, and not one of preconceived planning."


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